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Welcome to the Anshinkan!
30808 John R Road
Madison Heights, MI 48071
248 636-4212


At the Anshinkan we offer classes for both adults and children. Our Youth Aikido program teaches that harmony is more important than aggression. Your child will learn self-control, respect for others and discipline while developing their coordination, focus, balance as well as important physical development. Their learning will take place in a safe, positive environment.

Adults may take classes in Aikido, Parker Kenpo Karate, Tai Chi and Martial Science. All of our instructors have gone through rigorous Instructor’s training courses and are certified to teach in their respective styles.

Aikido uses the principle of non-resistance, moving with the direction of the opponent’s force and redirecting the attack until it is no longer a threat. Aikido is not a conventional fighting art or sport. It is a martial art that harmonizes with opposing forces rather than combating them. Aikido is non-competitive and non-violent. Cooperation and harmony are more important than aggression. Timing and control are more important than strength. Yoshinkan Aikido is known throughout the world and is taught to the Tokyo Riot Police and other Japanese forces.

Parker Kenpo Karate is an innovative system of Martial Arts, which employs a series of strikes and checks to control the opponent. Kenpo uses both linear and circular motion to create an endless flow of energy.

Yang family Tai Chi Chuan is relaxed, gentle and flowing. It focuses on the expression of energy through a series of martial postures. Tai Chi has been referred to as “moving meditation” and will enhance balance, coordination, flexibility and overall health.

Perhaps most important, the study of Martial Arts can help us to live better lives by bringing out the best in ourselves.

I would like to invite you to contact us today about starting your Martial Arts training at the Anshinkan. Visit us on Facebook and Groupon!


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