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Gamblers looking to bet on UFC props can find them under each match displayed. There are many UFC prop bets that you can make on each fight. Some of the most common UFC props include:

  • Which fighter will win and the round they will win in
  •  If a fight will go the distance or not 
  • Which fighter will win the match and how that fighter will win the match, I.E., by TKO, submission, or decision
  • The total number of rounds fought

When looking at those types of UFC props, you will need to look at both of the fighters involved and their strengths and weaknesses to make a bet that has the best chance of being a winning wager. When taking a deeper look at the fighters involved in the UFC props, one should look at several things before making a wager. Some of those things to look for include:

  • The win/loss record of each fighter
  • A look at how each fighter won or lost their fighters
  • The average number of rounds each fighter goes in a fight
  • How many times a fighter has gone the distance in their fights
  • Is an opponent being too confident that they will win, leading them to let their guard down against an opponent
  • Is the fight a rematch between the two opponents and who won the previous fight
  • What each fighter is weak against and if their opponent is strong against that weakness

Those things will help give a better picture of which fighter can win the fight. When looking at those things, one can have a chance to exploit something that oddsmakers missed, leading to a big payout if the wager wins. So what are some of the UFC props odds, and how do they work?

Each UFC prop bet will have either plus or negative odds. UFC props with plus odds are considered the underdog and show how much money a gambler will win on a $100 winning wager. Props with negative odds are considered the favorite and will show how much money will need to be wagered to win $100.

The UFC is unlike any other sport, as the competitors involved train for these fights and can have better chances than the UFC prop bet gives them when their instructors help them train to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses. Some fighters also get too overconfident about beating their opponent. The best example would be the Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm fight. During UFC 193, Rousey was the favorite and was trash talking her opponent, but when the match began, Holm found a way to win by TKO in the second round, giving Rousey her first-ever loss in the UFC. For those that bet the UFC prop bet of Holm’s winning by TKO, they cashed out a pretty penny that night.

When considering all these things, gamblers can get the upper hand on the UFC prop odds with an underdog prop wager. While underdog bets don’t always win, it can help you pick the right underdog UFC prop bet when you know what to look for in both fighters. Having that knowledge helps make a better wager on UFC props.


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