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Bugs and Glitches

Report any bugs or glitches in the game you see here. Hopefully, admins will see and pass this page onto higher-ups and get them patched. If you have found out a glitch, please report it in the comments. Thank you!

Current Glitches

Stuck Glitch

Don’t run against walls with high speed or you could be stuck in there for a while. If you are lucky you may just get flung around.

Equip Glitch

Mainly on mobile or when you have bad internet. Sometimes you cannot Equip specials making it useless to use them.

Falling Glitch

If you fall from somewhere high up like a floating island to train at, you will get stuck in the ground or get flung.

RobloxScreenShot20200601 185424710.png

If you get stuck, you can either:

  • Reset your character,
  • Use any transformation (Armored Colossus or Stage Four),
  • Kagune (One Eye or Blue Steel),
  • Fruit (Snakeman Fruit)
  • Spam blink away from the ground,
  • Spam Lightning Style Z/C and you will get out of the ground. Incidentally, the thunder clap and blink glitch(below)can also be applied, as it will fling you.

Sasoke/Gokro Damage Boost Glitch

Equip Sasoke/Gokro and turn on Perfect Skeleton. Then kill someone with your sword. Next, turn off Perfect Skeleton and now you get a damage boost until you die. It is stackable.

Armored Colossus Glitch

When you equip Armored Colossus and try to fly, your character will do the flying animation, but you won’t be able to fly up.

Blink Glitch

When you use Blink near a island you would occasionally get stuck there for a long time.

Blink Tournament Glitch

If you teleport out of the barrier in Sports Festival Arena, you will either get stuck or instantly lose.

Flying Thunder God fling glitch

If you use Flying Thunder God x move into odd shaped objects, (like trees, and it works best with trees) It can sometimes fling you extremely high.

Flying Thunder God/Perfect Susanoo Glitch

While having Perfect Susanoo equip, use Flying Thunder God x move. This will cause your character to appear between the legs of Susanoo. This also works with any other power which changes your appearance. (doesn’t work with specials since Flying Thunder God is a special)

Colossus Titan clothing Glitch

If you use Colossal titan then Blue steel or One eye, then unequip Blue steel or One eye, the armored colossus will have the clothing your character has on

It also works if you do this with bloodlines or Flying Thunder God X move

Planet Glitch

If you go to king kai’s planet and aim your cursor at the black rectangle right above the tent door, and blink you will be glitched through the wall and be inside the tent, a good way to avoid pros killing u.

Colossus Glitch

Go right beside the titans head and train ur chakra using og animation(meditating) aim ur cursor at the head then soru you will be tp inside the titan, making you able to move around the whole titans body from the inside.

Hand-out-the-sword Glitch

Use magma fruit z move, then while the attack is in affect, swap to a sword style (any sword style) and use z move. Your character should have arms stretched out, and every few seconds, the arms go back and replay the magma punch attack animation.

Road Roller Glitch

You can teleport into the Road Roller if you use the “Flying Thunder God” from one side while there is a player on the other side.

Kamui Glitch

Want to phase through walls like Obito? When your internet is very slow, you can pass through walls (and training locations) if it didn’t load properly. If you have memorized that a landmark should be there, and it just isn’t there, quickly pass through it and stay until it loads. Congrats! You’re now stuck. Best used with the Black iron Palace because the inside is very hollow. Speaking of Black Iron Palace:

Black Mansion

Go to the half sphere top of the Black Iron Palace, and stay at the part where it’s radius is largest. Then, point to the tip of the tower and use Blink. There you have it, a perfectly safe haven! I guess…?

Ice Rose Assassin

Using the C move of Blue Rose, then resetting or teleporting to the safe zone causes the move to freeze and kill the target at no cost to you. (This will kill ANYONE, no matter their dura)

Titan Glitch

If you use the Z move on your Titan and go to the Fighting Pass inventory and reequip your Titan, you can equip you Titan again. Keep on repeating this to become as big as you want.

“Unbreakable” Boulder

While touching the boulder (1qd strength area), use Rapid Slash. Once the slashes appear, use Blink at the side of the boulder or any side that makes you throw yourself at the boulder, then shift lock looking away then you’ll see the inside, then hold s/move back until you get into your new home.

Fake Trading

When you are trading with someone and they leave while trading, you can “trade” any champ, no matter their rank. You can even trade fighting pass champs.

The One Ultimate?

Go to the boss fight and quickly spam X with light fruit equipped (simply use Light Teleport). You will be teleported back to spawn and attain invincibility until the boss arrives


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