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Cervizzi’s Martial Arts Academy – Visit Us In North Reading Today!

At Cervizzi’s, we have martial arts programs for all ages and fitness levels in the cities of North Reading, Andover, North Andover, Lynnfield, and Winthrop.

Our mission statement is to “provide personalized martial arts instruction to all students, regardless of ability, in an effort to increase self esteem and foster a positive belief system, allowing students not only to defend and protect themselves, but to achieve their goals and dreams.”

Since 1995, the team at Cervizzi’s Martial Arts Academy continues to take a personal interest in each and every student and family. It is our goal not to have a student simply attend a martial arts class, but to allow everyone to have a thought-provoking and enlightening experience each and every training session. While learning how to defend oneself is at the core of our mission, it is our responsibility to ensure that each student develops essential life skills in the areas of leadership, self empowerment, and public speaking, and also build self esteem and character. We focus on the big picture, and we know that our students will be equipped to achieve all of their goals and aspirations in the real world. We incorporate anti-bullying programs in our classes to help children deal with all types of situations. Important life lessons are discussed, such as how to be a good person. Martial arts is not just about punching and kicking — it encompasses so much more, and our program can make a difference for you and your child.


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