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Don’s Do Fitness

Welcome to Don’s Do Fitness & Rock Steady Boxing.

My focus is to assist you in reaching your fitness goals no matter what your age, size or physical limitations. You can look and feel your best with a program that includes, good eating habits and workouts designed just for you. I have been a personal trainer and fitness instructor in the Oklahoma City area since 1992. I opened Don’s Do Fitness in January 2009, when I out grew my home studio. It is my belief that the best approach in business is to be honest. This is why you will never see “Special” service pricing. Nobody will ever pay less for my services than what I offer to you. I offer everybody a NO-OBLIGATION RISK-FREE TRIAL.

Unlike a gym or fitness club that sells memberships for unsecured / unsupervised access to gym equipment, Don’s Do Fitness is a fitness studio. Our fitness instructors perform classroom instruction and personal training services.

Feel free to come in, take a tour and meet me and my staff.
See what Don’s Do Fitness & Rock Steady Boxing have to offer you!


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