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Forest’s Hill Best MMA Academy


Do I need to be in shape to start training at Method?
-No! Absolutely not. In fact that is a great reason to start training right away! We have members of all fitness levels training here everyday.

Will I have to fight some one in a cage?
-Not unless you want to! Most of our students train as a part of a healthy lifestyle and only train on the mats as part of our regular structured training. “Sparring” is reserved for our serious competitors.

Can I become a fighter at your school?
-Yes! We have an awesome team of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai competitors and MMA Fighters.

What if I know absolutely nothing about Martial Arts and have never done anything athletic in my life?
-Perfect! No matter what age you are you can become proficient at any of our disciplines in just a matter of time!

Can my child get a black belt in 12 months?
-No. We believe that having a Black Belt is the equivalent of holding a doctorate degree, therefore is reserved for adults who have put in the required time. However, your child WILL learn to have a Black Belt Attitude that will help in all areas of life.


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