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Martial arts builds powerful confidence
Being confident in a self-defense situation is one of the most crucial factors. It allows you to keep calm and assert yourself as much as necessary. This confidence comes with the knowledge that you can throw powerful strikes and can defend attacks as they come. Exerting confidence in everyday life can help deter would-be attackers from approaching you.

Beyond self-defense situations, training a martial art builds confidence in day to day life. You build confidence in yourself on the mats, getting better at the techniques and watching yourself improve. You set technical goals, requiring time, commitment, and learning. You feel the adrenaline of being in a combative situation, and learn to control yourself, all while being completely safe and surrounded by the positivity of your training partners and coaches.

After learning how to deal with the difficult aspects of kickboxing, you grow your ability to deal with uncomfortable situations. Regular activities outside of the gym that were once nerve-racking are more easily dealt with. Presentations at work, and having necessary uncomfortable conversations become more feasible. In kickboxing, you learn to control yourself in intense situations, and that follows you off the mats.

You learn every day
Kickboxing as a martial art is extremely expansive. There are countless combinations, movements, and techniques to learn. By training kickboxing as a martial art, you are learning every time you walk on the mats. Not only are you shaping and tightening your body, you are exercising your mind.

Technical martial arts is still a workout
You don’t need extra weights and crazy routines to get a good workout. Throwing combinations, holding pads for a training partner, and moving in technical ways will work your body plenty. Technical kickboxing programs also always include some good cardio routines to build your endurance. Instead of just working out, you are learning an applicable skill while exercising. Why not get both?