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360 Family Martial Arts is a school disciplined in the art of American Kenpo karate. American Kenpo is a blended system of both traditional Japanese and Shaolin Karate with influences in Kung Fu and Jiu-Jitsu. We do not teach performance or sport karate. We teach a system of self-defense that is rooted in basic skill sets, katas, sparing and self defense techniques. The school is owned and operated by 4th degree black belts Scott and Stacey Conder.

The school has a rich family atmosphere with a strong emphasis on discipline. In addition to self-defense, 360 FMA offers a compelling curriculum that includes stranger awareness, bully deterrence and abduction prevention for children. 360 FMA has a strong relationship with our community and local schools and has been invited by many of the Crown Point public and private schools over the last several years to discuss bully awareness and prevention with students and faculty. Quite simply we don’t teach kids how to fight, we teach them how not to fight. The best way to defeat a bully or stay out of trouble with strangers lies in making good decisions. Self-defense is always the last resort and least desirable solution to conflict. However, when no other options are available our students are trained to know what to do.

As with any martial arts program , intersted students should look at a school carefully before making a decision and a commitment to training. For this reason we always offer trial memberships to help potential students decide if our school is a good fit for their family.



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