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About Bowmont Boxing

Bowmont Boxing Club was established in the communities of Bowness and Montgomery in 1983. Founded on the belief that a boxing club is a brotherhood of which everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of, Bowmont Boxing Club remains a non-profit organization to this day. 

All of the coaches at Bowmont Boxing are volunteers, ensuring the engagement and passion of our coaches is passed on to all members. Bowmont Boxing focuses on the basic of boxing, including footwork and agility, proper technique and an established jab, similar to the training of the Cuban national team. We have a slightly unconventional, yet recognizably old school method of training, which allows our boxers success at all levels. 

Bowmont Boxing caters to amateur and professional competitors, as well as recreational boxers in it for the workout. We ask that all members take part in our classes, as it is part of the skill development process at Bowmont, and know that you will enjoy your time at the gym! 


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