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Located in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner, JKA Boston can be easily reached by the Green Line. For information on finding us, see our Directions page.

Beginners Class

Beginning students attend a separate Beginners Class twice a week for one month before joining regular classes. A new Beginner Class starts the first Tuesday of each month, January to November.

Training Schedule

JKA Boston has many classes throughout the week. For times, see the Class Schedule page. We strongly recommend that members train at least three times a week.


The base rate is $120 per month for adults and $110 per month for full-time students and members under 18. You can get a discount by paying before the first of the month, or by paying three months or more in advance. We also offer reduced rates for families. For more details, see the Membership Fees page.

Rank Tests

Rank tests are given regularly. Kyu Exams (white, green, and brown belt tests) occur every three months. Dan Exams (black belt tests) occur every six months. All black belt ranks are recognized internationally and are registered at JKA headquarters in Japan.

High Quality Instruction

Since 1992, JKA Boston members have qualified for World Cup competitions, including many of our instructors. This reflects the outstanding teaching of Sensei Toryu, 7th Dan (7th degree black belt), and the exceptional training environment at our dojo. For more information about this competition, see the About the World Cup page.

Exercise Both Mind and Body

Aside from being one of the most effective methods of self-defense, Karate is an excellent form of stress management and aerobic exercise for the entire family. Using all the muscle groups, karate training develops flexibility, coordination, balance, posture, and muscle tone. It is a great way to improve your health and overall fitness.

More than 50 years ago, O-sensei Funakoshi stated, “Karate-do is not merely a sport that teaches how to strike and kick; it is also a defense against illness and disease.”

A Way of Life

Traditional Shotokan Karate is more than just exercise. Our philosophy emphasizes strengthening personal character and respecting others. We continuously strive towards self-improvement. Many of our members have been training or over 10 years, some for more than 30 years.

About JKA and Shotokan Karate-Do International

About JKA and Shotokan Karate-Do International

The Japan Karate Association, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1948 by the students of Master Funakoshi, the father of today’s karate. The JKA now operates worldwide to maintain the high standards of instruction and training established by Master Funakoshi and to encourage the growth and development of karate.

Shotokan Karate-Do International, founded by Sensei Masataka Mori (1932-2018) and operated out of New York City, is directed by Sensei Shu Takahashi, 7th Dan (7th degree black belt). For SKDI dojos and contact informaton, please see our list of dojos within the USA and outside the USA.

JKA Boston maintains the same style of traditional Japanese karate taught at JKA dojos around the world. JKA Boston participates in regional, national, and world tournaments, as well as Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter training camps, which are hosted by JKA and its affiliates.


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