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Our friendly, inclusive, family-oriented programming ensures all students get what they need to thrive so parents can watch their children excel – now and in the future. These students are proficient in their vocabulary and problem-solving sills, yet are not at the age of complete independence from adults. We will target their adventurous attitudes and youthful nature while building skills that set them up for success, including: Agility, Technique, Courage, Flexibility, Intensity, Perseverance, Speed, and Concentration.

Extreme Skillz: Kids/Teens (Ages 10 in 4th Grade through Age 14 in 8th Grade)

Extreme skillz is for your older kids and young teens. This group works at their unique level on skills that benefit their social, physical and emotional development. We focus on Vision, Instinct, Reaction, Strength, Precision, Dexterity, Momentum, and Versatility. 


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