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Kids Martial Arts – Bam Bam Martial Arts Houston

Bam Bam Martial Arts Academy delivers Houston’s leading martial arts program for kids, ages 4 & up.

At Bam Bam Martial Arts, we SPECIALIZE in child development and our goal is to transform your child into a better, safer, and happier person through our unique program of self-defense, character development, and fun.

Our Kid’s Martial Arts Program Teaches The Best Self-Defense Methods For Kids

Kids martial arts classOur kids jiu jitsu program offers the PERFECT martial art for kids. This is because it is a very effective and non-violent way for children to protect themselves in real-life situations.

Our kid’s jiu-jitsu curriculum teaches the best methods for a child to physically defend themselves and this kind of training really helps them in a number of ways:

  • We Teach Your Child Self-Defense That Really Works – Jiu Jitsu is the PERFECT martial art for kids because it is very effective for real-life situations, the techniques are purely defensive and utilize no strikes, and it’s also a lot of fun to learn. These are techniques that a kid can use to non-violently neutralize a bully and gain control until help arrives. Some have said it’s a way to “fight fire with water”.
  • We Teach Your Child Our Important “Verbal Jiu Jitsu” System – Verbal bullying is much more common than physical and has been shown to cause serious problems that can last a lifetime. Our verbal jiu jitsu system is designed to teach your child how to handle verbal harassment. They will learn what to say and when to say it, how to speak assertively, use direct eye contact “stand tall” and maintain a confident posture to deter the bully’s aggression. Finally, we reinforce these skills through a series of fun role-playing exercises.
  • We Build Your Child’s Confidence – Physical self-defense skills are the foundation for confidence. Kids can’t confront bullies if they are afraid of their personal safety. Now the ironic thing about this kind of training is that it builds so much confidence in a child they probably won’t be bothered anymore. Bullies want easy targets. They look for victims who look easy to push around. But training in our program builds unshakable confidence in a child, making them so confident in themselves that no bully will want to bother them.
  • We Teach Your Child When Self-Defense Is Appropriate and When It Is Not – Not only that but it’s also very important for a child to know not only WHAT to do but WHEN to do it. Our program teaches children precisely when they can and cannot, use these techniques they are learning. We will teach your child the “Five Rules of Engagement” and we go over these regularly in class so that your child will know exactly what to do in a particular situation and when it is ok to use their skills and when it is not.
  • We Give Your Child A Great Form Of Exercise – Everyone knows the numerous physical and mental health benefits of exercise but getting enough of it is difficult for kids in our modern digital society. Our classes are a great workout for kids who need to lose weight or just get more exercise.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Teach Life Skills And Character Development

Our unique Kids Character Development Program is designed to transform your child into a better person by teaching them critical life skills like respect, courage, perseverance and goal setting.

Martial arts is not just about fighting techniques, it’s about building better people. We know that it’s natural for kids to develop powerful bonds with their martial arts instructors. That’s why before every class we take advantage of this bond and use it to teach powerful character-building lessons that teach your child about the important life skills they need to be successful in life.

Our unique Kids Character Development Program is designed to transform your child into a better person by building virtue in them. This is where they learn important life skills like:


Not only do we teach these virtues but we also reinforce this training with our built-in “merit stripe” reward system. After each lesson, we encourage the child to go out into the world and start practicing these important virtues. When they do so, we PUBLICLY REWARD them with a blue “merit stripe” on their belt.

This is arguably the most important service we offer a child and it has been shown to produce amazing results in a short period of time.

Your child will be encouraged and rewarded (by someone other than mom or dad!) to go out and show respect, obedience, discipline, and to do things like maintain courteous eye contact and posture when someone is speaking to them, to shake hands properly and say “yes mam” and “no mam” and just carry themselves with an overall poise and confidence that’s impressive and rarely seen in children today.

This is a real game changer. Kids learning valuable LIFE SKILLS in a way that builds good HABITS in them that will last for the rest of their life!

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Are A Ton Of Fun!

Our kid’s martial arts classes are full of fun and engaging games!

Fun is a critical element of our kid’s program. If a child isn’t having fun they won’t want to come and get any of the other benefits we offer. That’s why we incorporate engaging educational games into every class to make sure that the kids are having a blast while they are learning valuable martial arts skills at the same time.


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