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List of Martial Arts

List of Martial Arts – The Warriors Project has made a list of the martial arts practiced today in the world… The martial can be divided in many ways: In this list of martial arts which we have have gathered we will stick with the method with which we categorized them in the Types of Martial Arts We tried to list martial arts which are alive, meaning still practiced today, and not ones which are not.Even though the Warriors Project is full of versatile fighters and martial artists coming from a wide range of martial arts many of the martial arts listed below are not practiced by the projects participants.Therefore some of the martial arts are listed only according to written material rather than first hand experience… Through our examination of the material (both off line and on line) we tried to conclude which of the “nominees” are true and complete martial arts which are styles and which are neither. If anyone thinks we have missed or misjudged an art or style please contact us *Note – The terms Wushu, Kung Fu, Kenpo Jujutsu… – are not treated as martial arts of / on their own – which have styles, but rather as a general term for a specific martial art which testifies to its origin and sometimes nature… Pure or only striking martial arts: • Bare Knuckle Boxing• Boxing• Capoeira• Dambe• I Liq Chuan• Jailhouse Rock• Kickboxing• Leopard Kung Fu• Liu Seong Kuntao• Mian Chuan / Cotton Fist• Piguachuan• Pradal Serey• Savate• Takewando• The Three Emperor Cannon Punch / Pao Chui• Yichuan Pure or only wrestling martial arts: • Bok Cham Bad• Canarian Wrestling / Lucha Canaria• Collegiate Wrestling• Cornish Wrestling• Gouren• Greco-Roman wrestling• Iranian Wrestling / Koshti• Kurash• Mukna• Roman Wrestling• Schwingen• Senegalese Wrestling• Sport Judo Pure or only grappling martial arts: *closest to pure from the grappling sense, although they also have a stage of wrestling – they start from stand up position. However the wrestling part is not substantial, because the fight (by rules) ends in submission and rarely do we see someone submitting after a throw.• Brazilian Jiujitso• Sambo Pure or only weaponry martial arts: • Arnis• Bataireacht• Canne de Combat• El Juego del Garrote• Escrima• Fencing• Jogo do Pau• Jukendo• Juttejutsu• Kalaripayat• Kbachkun Dambong-veng• Kendo• Kenjutsu• Lathi• Nguni stick fighting• Silambam• Single Stick• Tahtib• Thang TaKyudo and archery in general are not on this list due to the fact that they are medium and long range weapons exactly like guns and other such weapons, all these require a fighting doctrine different from the normal martial arts Martial arts which have mixture between the categories: • Aikido• Angampora• Bafachuan• Bagua• Bajichuan• Bakti Negra• Bartitsu• Battojutsu• Black Tiger Kung Fu• Boabom• Bojutsu• Bokator• Bujinkan• Buno• Catch wrestling• Cha Chuan• Chang Chuan / Long Fist• Cheena Di / Chinese Punch• Choujiao• Choy Gar• Choy Lei Fut• Combat Hopak• Coung Nhu• Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu• Defendo• Defendu• Do Pi Kung Fu• Dog Kung Fu• Dragon Kung Fu• Drunken Fist• Eagle Claw• Eagle Claw• Espada y Daga• Fanchento• Five Ancestors• Fujian White Crane• Fut Gar• Gatka• Goshin Jujitsu• Han Moo Do• Hung Fut• Hung Ga• Iaido• Jeet Kune Do• Jiujitso• Jodo / Jojutsu• Jow-Ga• Kajukenbo• Kali Sikaran• Kampfringen• Kapap• Kapu Kuialua• Karate • Khridoli• Kombatan• Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo• Krabi Krabong• Krav Maga• Kuntao Silat• Kuttu Varisai• Lau Gar• Lerdit• Limalama• Line Combat System• Liuhebafa• Luta Livre (esportiva and vale tudo)• Malyutham/Malla-Yuddha• Mani• Marine Corps Martial Arts Program• Meihua Chuan• Mixed Martial Arts• Mizongyi / Lost Track Fist• Monkey Kung Fu• Muay-Thai• Ninjitsu• Northern Praying Mantis• Nuba Fighting• Obnu Bilate• Pai Mei• Pale / Greek Wrestling• Pankration• Pencak Silat• Rakan Ken / Luohan Chuan / Arhat Boxing• Rappid Assault Tactics (R.A.T)• Real Aikido• Rough and tumble (both North American and South African)• Rumi Maki• Sanshou / Sanda• Senegalese wrestling (including striking)• Shuaijiao• Sikaran• Silambam• Snake Kung Fu• Southern Praying Mantis• Svebor• Systema• Tai Chi • Tenjin Shinyo-ryu• Tien Shan Pai• Tiger Claw System / Fu Jow Pai• Tongbei Chuan• Vacon• Vajra Mushti• Varma Kalai• Vo Binh Dinh• Wing Chun• Wushu (sport)• Xing Yi Chuan• Yau Kung Moon• Yaw-Yan• Zhuan Shu Kuan• Zipota Notes For more information on the different martial arts styles and branches Learn about the different Types of Martial Arts Return from The List of Martial Arts to the Home Page


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