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Martial Arts Instructor

Announcement Attention MAIs/MAITs in order to run an MAI course there are new requirements that must be provided to the MACE: Letter of instruction signed by unit Commanding Officer which contains course dates, supporting MAIT names, and command CO and SgtMaj full names and emails. 15 day training schedule in accordance with annexes from “PROCEDURES FOR RUNNING A MAI COURSE” MAITC1075 Student Outline. Support MAITs must be on schedule in order to be on NAVMC. “Free Sparring” blocks must list types of free sparring being conducted in notes section. “Sustainment and Integration Practical Application” blocks must list name of drill in notes section. Detailed drill diagrams for each “Sustainment and Integration Practical Application” on schedule. Drills must be in accordance with “DEVELOP MCMAP COMBAT CONDITIONING PROGRAM” MAITC1070 Student Outline. Risk assessment worksheet (RAW) for Tan-Green sustainment. Risk assessment worksheets for each individual “Sustainment and Integration Practical Application” being conducted. (Example: 10 drills equals 10 RAWs) Risk assessment worksheets for each type of free sparring. Types of free sparring in the Martial Arts Instructor Course will be: Pugil Sticks, Body Sparring, Ground Fighting, Standing Striking, and Weapons Free Sparring. MCMAP Mission Statement The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) is a “whole Marine” program, which emphasizes the complete development of a professional warrior, and is a key component of the ethical warrior concept. MCMAP is designed to improve the warfighting capabilities of individual Marines and units, enhance Marines’ self-confidence and esprit de corps, and foster the warrior ethos of the Corps. The focus will be on the personal development of each Marine in a team framework, using a standardized, trainable, and sustainable close combat system with three disciplines’; physical, mental and character. MCMAP is not a sport but a distinctively weapons based system, integrating combat equipment, tough realistic training, physical and mental challenges, shared adversity, combat conditioning and tactics typically found in the combat arena. MACE Mission Statement Train and educate students in two standardized programs of instruction: Martial Arts Instructor and Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Courses; support Tan Belt training for The Basic School; and provide sustainment for the National Capitol Region. Ensure the overall development, sustainment, and instruction of the associated curricula built around established character, mental and physical disciplines. As the functional proponent for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, responsible for the development, sustainment and implementation of policies, procedures, and standards for MCMAP.


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