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Martial Arts Master – Novel Updates

Write a Review 46 Reviews sorted by Solracmar A complete novel no plot hole at the end. Sweet romance without drama and tragedy. Great and complex fight scenes. Overall a most satisfying novel. walang16 i tried. I really do. I felt the story, its shounen-like and its romance was good… that is, if you can decipher the translation. I see others have also duly noted this and it shows. the very poor translations is so bad that it detracts you away from the story from trying to keep on fixing the grammatical errors in your head that you’re exhausted only after a few or several chapters. this review of mine couldn’t even focus on the story itself too much because of the atrocity of which… more>> the translation quality lacks; it might be just a point or half-a-point above mtl. I felt like an archeologist digging through the sediments just to see bits of clarity here and there. “translator”-san, hire an editor please, at the very least; or at least convince your overlords to do so. even just a once over will do wonders on the tragedy. > to woe the girl and his goals in Martial Arts. Granted, the protagonist did pick up a ‘cheat’-like item to help propel his dreams forward. Spoiler He picked up a ‘Jindan’. This helps relieves his fatigue and gives him tremendous endurance to keep going, both in practice and actual fights. It also has a few other nifty side-effects, but that’s best left for when you’re reading the novel itself. It doesn’t appear overpowered or overly useful except for getting our MC started on his journey to become stronger. (Jindan = golden egg-like object. It’s contained within the body. Most chinese novel readers will be familiar with this term.) [collapse] Martial Arts competitions (Tournaments) are prevalent in the MC’s world. The MC’s fights are actually detailed enough for you to imagine what the fight is like, but still leaves you wondering a bit… since not everything is explicitly explained. Some of the Martial Arts moves have rather flashy names (thank god they’re not actually shouting out the moves as self-explanatory objects) . Personally I think the fights are well-written. Originally I gave this novel 4 stars, but I find myself wanting to read more and more. As it keeps me entertained. I simply gave it a 5 stars. (might be effected by the many unjustified 1 stars as well) If you’re looking for an entertaining martial arts novel, that actually has some proper romance in it. This is the novel for you. The romance and interactions of the characters is what makes the novel stand out. It feels genuine. > 1. Very well developed romance even better than many romance novels out there. (I’m a big sucker for romance and yes I’m a guy, so what, gonna bite me???) 2. Deep and realistic character development. (I didn’t like MC at first but right now he is one of my favorite MC and also I like female lead too, she’s pretty much my type) 3. Intense and interesting fights. (We can’t even say if MC will win or not just like audience in the novel. And also this is xuanxuan, in my opinion fights in xuanxuan are better than that in xianxia) 4. Character interactions are great. (My favourite side character is MC’s best friend, he is really a genuine love guru, even you learn some points on how woo a girl from his teachings.) PS : even in reviews look for above 40 chapter ones because I too didn’t like it as much as right now before that. PPS : This is my first review, so please forgive my grammatical errors. TL;DR : one of the best translated novel with romance and martial arts. training progresses fast and he gets infatuated in martial arts. So far the novel focused on his training and social life/interaction with his crush and also on martial arts in general. The beginning is a bit boring and slightly confusing but bear with it. In the past few chapters the MC had his first public appearance and the story is gaining momentum. (4/5) of all the reason why these people rated it a one was that it was TOO SLOW. Which makes no sense as the novel just started. In my opinion, the starting was moderately fast paced. In my eyes slow would be something like ISSTH. That took a long time before it started to pick up the pace. Compared to ISSTH Martial Arts Master is clearly faster. In the first 15 chapters, they have already introduced the love interest, a master as well as all the basic levels. This concept of martial arts in a normal modern world, in my opinion, is very interesting. So please guys just hop on qidian and read the first 15 chapters. If you guys are a light novel reader like me 15 chapters goes by really quick and who knows, you might find a novel that is really good. Update: ch.81 It’s getting better and better. You can see the relationship between the love interest and MC getting better. For those who said this book had only slow development, this is one of those rare books where the character’s personality changes. For example, he is a wimpy kid in the beginning but after he starts doing martial arts he gets calmer and analyzes situations better. This is a book I would definitely continue to read. fetish the author has with spines :D) and the characters are real. They aren’t just emotionless foils meant for the MC to trample on. Now I want to talk about how the novel compares to other novels. This novel is different from the common sorts of martial arts novels you’ll find. There’s no tragic past, no cycle of moving through worlds and basically casting aside everything and everyone time after time. The novel is about an average person’s rise. MC isn’t super smart or super dumb or super talented, he just finds a way to let his relatively normal potential show. You won’t find face slaps and all the generic dumb stuff where MC’s talent is immeasurable and all that sh*t here. Also MC’s love interest doesn’t get involved in all of the normal dumb stuff. She doesn’t vanish for hundreds of chapters then comes back for some reason, she doesn’t have to suffer for some nonsensical reason like a certain body type or a random young master. And above all, she has a personality, she doesn’t ignore MC then suddenly need him for something then suddenly fall in love with in the span of one chapter. In addition, young masters aren’t important in this novel. There also isn’t a big emphasis on sects. Everything is very human, very real. For me the things stated above are a pro, but if any of you guys are just looking for a nonsensical trashy martial arts novel to binge through while convincing yourselves that MC’s should always be OP and this MC’s no good cuz he has a cheat power and all that, then just turn away. Don’t read this novel. And by no means should you pollute this novel’s ratings due to this novel not being a generic pile of steaming feces with a small twist that somehow makes it different from the competition. This novel is simply good. If you think otherwise, that isn’t a problem, so long as you’re judging it based solely on itself, and not in comparison to other novels. The novel’s pacing is unique, as is it’s flow. For me it just felt good to read this, to see something that much closer to reality among webnovels. Basically, this review comes down to: “I sincerely recommend this novel, as long as you aren’t looking for a chuuni binge to read.” (Yeah fk all you people who don’t like this novel, you must have bad taste or smthing (I’m jk ofc)) > a good read. The protagonist growth and become stronger, while pursuying his girlfriend. I get the same feeling, when im reading this, as the one I get for Pet King. If you want blood, violence and gore…. go to Against the god or I got a mansion in an apocalypse world. of us in the review section here are clearly one. Except for a few Translator mistakes here and there, it’s basically manageable with quite a collection of unique powers like some of Lou Cheng’s future opponents, for example, they’re good. Characters are simply great, everyone is likable, everyone makes sense, and everyone is humble. Because who likes rude people? MC’s rivals are good and not arrogant, they rise up the pins together and there’s a lot of characters that strikes me interested like the MC’s master… He’s quite unique! Female Lead is basically unknown to us at the beginning (few 90 chapters), but we get to know her when the MC took the initiative to actually know her as well. That’s why the prick who never dated someone complains about the Female Lead, because he expects the MC and the readers to suddenly know her without exploring her character. Hush all of you, because she’s one of the best characters yet. Romance is f*cking amazing, not gonna lie, it’s one of the best. Although I’m someone who very much enjoys harem… This novel does not need a bit of it! World Building is basically meh, you’ve got a mysteries like the MC’s “cheat even though it’s not really a cheat”… Let’s call it a fortune, the MC’s power does not deserve the title of [cheat] because it’s simply not that overpowered. Because of the power levels, they kinda make sense? The mysteries won’t get revealed until the later stage when the MC joins the ranks of the Physical Invulnerability which a lot of people have achieved by the by. Plot armor is not there yet there at the same time. The MC does lose an averagely understandable amount of time. The fortune is explained simply at the beginning, read through it. DO NOT LOOK AT THE RATINGS, THESE HIPPIES THAT JUST BLINDLY FOLLOWS QIDIAN HATE TRAIN (which is understandable, though currently, the hate has settled a lot and Qi has mellowed a bit) AND VOTE 1 STAR FOR NO f*ckING REASON!! I’m pissed!! Also read the reviews carefully, the people that voted lowly are neanderthal that likes action without brains and emotions. Ye, s I’m insulting you guys because you’re making people leave this gold! He joins the Martial arts club because of this girl, (alright I understand that) she’s the reason he start with his martial arts path but is it necessarily that every chapter I read it’s all about this girl.? to please her. to woo her. overall the story is good…… without Yan Zheke. > punch with a punch or dodge by rolling around. It feels like a mix of a Karate, or similar asian fighting style, tournement with their footwork. But their techniques and blocking is asian movie inspired. I dont know if they move fast or slow, how their different moves look like or if it is based in relativly normal world view (or movie based). 2nd. It is too easy. Everything is simply going way too good. I feel like it could all fall to down in mere seconds and I both dread it and want it. I feel like it could be a huge motivational boost and also a huge character progresion if it happened. It fells slightly stagnant at the moment and I would dislike it alot if it happened later in the story. Thats it from me. I very much recommend this story if you are into romance. Not so much for the action. Romance is ahat this novel does best.


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