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Martial Arts Master – Novel Updates

Write a Review 45 Reviews sorted by walang16 i tried. I really do. I felt the story, its shounen-like and its romance was good… that is, if you can decipher the translation. I see others have also duly noted this and it shows. the very poor translations is so bad that it detracts you away from the story from trying to keep on fixing the grammatical errors in your head that you’re exhausted only after a few or several chapters. this review of mine couldn’t even focus on the story itself too much because of the atrocity of which… more>> the translation quality lacks; it might be just a point or half-a-point above mtl. I felt like an archeologist digging through the sediments just to see bits of clarity here and there. “translator”-san, hire an editor please, at the very least; or at least convince your overlords to do so. even just a once over will do wonders on the tragedy. > arts in this novel is like other sports which is divided into professional level and amateur levels. So expect lot of inter-club, collegiate and country fights. The martial arts is realistic and power of person depends on how intelligently he adapts and uses the techniques he learnt to counter the situation which makes fights interesting. Please don’t expect people to destroy planets. The main character obtains a some-what Cheat item which helps him kick-start his entry into the martial arts. However unfortunately it doesn’t help him much later and MC has to solely rely his hard work and comprehension of martial arts to become stronger. The cheat item is like ignition of the car so don’t expect it to be too helpful once the car has started. The the story has a solid romance rarely seen in cultivation novels. Even though the main point of the story is about martial arts, the story focuses on how MC develops as he becomes stronger with terms to his relationships with other characters – friends, love interest, his idols, his fans and his rivals. Good things No young masters and random xianxia cliches Very good character development of MC – he evolves from a newbie in cultivation and interaction with girls to someone who can deal with better. His personality and feelings change as he becomes stronger. One of the best things is MC doesn’t always win. So many times he has lost and so many times his club, university has lost. So in many fights you don’t know what will happen. There are lot of people and peers who challenge MC. No harem and one of the best romance I’ve read in cultivation novels. The MC has to struggle hard to woo her and the process of how the relation develops very interesting and long. The best thing is girl acts like any reasonable person unlike, you know, xianxia girls. Very Good fighting scenes which are highlight of this novel Absence of any big cheat. There is a cheat item but that does not play much role in story. Good dialogues and interactions between different people. Quite realistic and absence of random powerups or treasures (unlike Invincible, ATG) Bad things Excessive tournaments (but fight scenes are all different and techniques used are different so that’s not too bad) There are lot of chapters dedicated to non-fighting chapters. MC is not very OP like in ATG, MGA. He is strong but there are always people challenging him. There are some concerns which have been raised which I want to clarify: Firstly about the Cheat Item – it barely helps him in cultivation. Spoiler The main purpose is use in fights but MC barely uses it as he doesn’t want to rely on it to get stronger. As the story progresses, it becomes more and more irrelevant. [collapse] MC is not OP. At first his speed of cultivation is very fast but that’s not unusual. (As we learn later) Later cultivation becomes more challenging and there are many peers who are talented and rival him in speed. So, MC is little OP but not OP like ATG or ED and the cultivation and levelups are very realistic and well done. About the background of girl he is with is not as simple as it appear and it plays important part in story. But some readers make conclusions too quickly without reading further. Yes. Initially MC is ignorant about talking girls like some college students. Nothing wrong with it. But with greater interactions with other girls and his GF he improves and is not so awkward with them anymore. This is called character development. Yes his initial reason for joining is because of the girl. But obviously he later revaluates why he wants to get stronger and is just not only for the girl. At the end of the day, there are some shortcomings which surely some people will not like but no story can be perfect.I am sad that there are negative reviews for absurd things which change as story progress. I know the rating is only 3.4 because it’s on qidian. That’s too bad.I feel the plot, fights, dialogues etc far are very good to overlook reading this story just because of some small details (which I don’t understand why are even bothersome to some people as that’s heavy nitpicking) . The author is well known and has written very good novels, so one can expect quality from him. Bottom Line: Personally I think there are only positive things to say about this novel and pace is quite fast. And once you start it, it very hard to put down. Why I say so? Quite different to genetic xianxia novel and very realistic and very very few things to complain about. There will be very very few people who will not like it. But there are some negative where reviews even the best things about the novel are written as criticisms and I don’t know what to say other than being pained and writing this long of a review. I have not written lot of reviews. But for this I am forced to write as it’s very good novel and I don’t want people not to read it by being misguided with wrong info provided by other reviewers.I hope the long time I have spent in reviewing will at least force some people to read it. > in this story seriously if the girl actually had something special about her other then being ‘very beautiful’. She has a back story but nothing resembling a real personality, she’s cute though so its forgiveable. Anyway my real problem with this story is that it doesn’t seem to have an aim other then building fictional relationships. He doesn’t want to change his life with martial arts for any other reason than because he had the opportunity to do so. Yusuke wanted to save a kid from getting run over, naruto wanted to prove himself to the village and Lou Cheng caught a fish! No character depth, no travesty and no reason to care for anything in this story but love and bros! Campy shit. 3 out of 5. PS: please know that I prefer loner characters and that should be taken into consideration. down and even though he was and still is getting stronger faster than others, there are still some few rare geniuses who can keep up with him and even stay outside of his reach for a few years to come from how things are looking. His cheat (?) power also doesn’t win him the fights at all, it’s mostly something he has to use for training himself rather than fighting. It can give him energy to keep fighting but it is only pyhsical energy. He still gets tired mentally and he still gets injured (and no it doesn’t heal injuries at all) so he has to stop fighting at some point. And he himself knows the best way to utilize this power is to use it for training a lot more than he normally could so in the future he won’t need to use any external help at all. I can’t say this novel has the best fighting scenes or technique names but they’re 10 times better than most of the xianxia/xuanhuan novels you’ll read. So you won’t just read about the name of the move and then 10 sentences of how much damage it does or anything like that, no. This novel is much better than that. Other than that, romance is definitely the strongest point of this story. It’s just much better compared to the other chinese novels I couldn’t believe this was a chinese novel while I was reading it. Development of their relationship takes time, girl doesn’t just fall in love with MC simply because he is talented or praises her for a few times. It takes him several months to be able to get her to see he loves her and kinda say yes to him. And even after that things don’t just become like cliche chinese romances. He still has to work hard to keep the relationship steady and strong, he has to be careful with what he does and says so that she doesn’t get uncomfortable and other stuff guys have to do in case they are the one who confessed first. His relationship with his male friends is also well written in my opinion. I read a lot of chinese high school/college life novels and in around %90 of them the relationship with male friends is waay too unrealistic and sappy. The way they act usually make no sense and it’s usually too childish, but I think author managed to avoid that in this novel. There are still some unnecessariy stuff that happens between MC and his male friends but author stops himself before it’s too much for you to handle without getting annoyed or bored. Also, I saw 2 reviews saying the same thing about how the girl MC fell in love with has nothing special about her at all. I mean, what do you expect? Does she always have to be from the strongest family in the martial arts universe or something? Aren’t you tired of that same sh*t being used over and over again already? I’m pretty sure everyone who’s complaining about how the girl has nothing special about her except for her beauty has never fallen in love before. You don’t fall in love with someone just because they have something special. > too bad since he’s the MC and we all like self fulfillment. My problem is how ignorant the MC is with girls. In his mind, he thinks that he should stay away from all females as he already has someone he “likes”. The MC has been stalking this girl that is from his home town and is crazy over her. That’s his sole reason for joining for martial arts club in the first place, prior to this, the girl that the MC is so in love with didn’t even know who he was. Nothing from the story really catches my attention, we know the MC is op with his cheat ability, however all he thinks about is how to woo this girl whom he’s stalked for years. As for the female he’s in love with, she’s just your typical female, nothing special about her at all. > a good read. The protagonist growth and become stronger, while pursuying his girlfriend. I get the same feeling, when im reading this, as the one I get for Pet King. If you want blood, violence and gore…. go to Against the god or I got a mansion in an apocalypse world. of us in the review section here are clearly one. Except for a few Translator mistakes here and there, it’s basically manageable with quite a collection of unique powers like some of Lou Cheng’s future opponents, for example, they’re good. Characters are simply great, everyone is likable, everyone makes sense, and everyone is humble. Because who likes rude people? MC’s rivals are good and not arrogant, they rise up the pins together and there’s a lot of characters that strikes me interested like the MC’s master… He’s quite unique! Female Lead is basically unknown to us at the beginning (few 90 chapters), but we get to know her when the MC took the initiative to actually know her as well. That’s why the prick who never dated someone complains about the Female Lead, because he expects the MC and the readers to suddenly know her without exploring her character. Hush all of you, because she’s one of the best characters yet. Romance is f*cking amazing, not gonna lie, it’s one of the best. Although I’m someone who very much enjoys harem… This novel does not need a bit of it! World Building is basically meh, you’ve got a mysteries like the MC’s “cheat even though it’s not really a cheat”… Let’s call it a fortune, the MC’s power does not deserve the title of [cheat] because it’s simply not that overpowered. Because of the power levels, they kinda make sense? The mysteries won’t get revealed until the later stage when the MC joins the ranks of the Physical Invulnerability which a lot of people have achieved by the by. Plot armor is not there yet there at the same time. The MC does lose an averagely understandable amount of time. The fortune is explained simply at the beginning, read through it. DO NOT LOOK AT THE RATINGS, THESE HIPPIES THAT JUST BLINDLY FOLLOWS QIDIAN HATE TRAIN (which is understandable, though currently, the hate has settled a lot and Qi has mellowed a bit) AND VOTE 1 STAR FOR NO f*ckING REASON!! I’m pissed!! Also read the reviews carefully, the people that voted lowly are neanderthal that likes action without brains and emotions. Ye, s I’m insulting you guys because you’re making people leave this gold! He joins the Martial arts club because of this girl, (alright I understand that) she’s the reason he start with his martial arts path but is it necessarily that every chapter I read it’s all about this girl.? to please her. to woo her. overall the story is good…… without Yan Zheke. > punch with a punch or dodge by rolling around. It feels like a mix of a Karate, or similar asian fighting style, tournement with their footwork. But their techniques and blocking is asian movie inspired. I dont know if they move fast or slow, how their different moves look like or if it is based in relativly normal world view (or movie based). 2nd. It is too easy. Everything is simply going way too good. I feel like it could all fall to down in mere seconds and I both dread it and want it. I feel like it could be a huge motivational boost and also a huge character progresion if it happened. It fells slightly stagnant at the moment and I would dislike it alot if it happened later in the story. Thats it from me. I very much recommend this story if you are into romance. Not so much for the action. Romance is ahat this novel does best.


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