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Martial Arts Quotes (277 quotes)

“Chapter Six: Mistress of RedFrom underneath from hellish bowels,She lives the torment she shrieks and howls.A damned flame of volcanic intent,Seeks a city where her hatred may vent.Underneath the bow of vaulted earth,This spirit breaks from infernoed perch.Circles the span of inward woe,From beneath the caverns does she go.She seeks the city she may destroy,To lie in ruins for her ploy.From lofty plume of sordid ash,She delights to see her cuts and gash.Vulcania Draconis, spirit of bitter ’ire,Rings the earth with her dredful fires.Horrendous demon from Vulcan’s forge,Lays waste to the earth, her inhabitants engorged.Mighty Pompeii knew her ways,Scoffed at her threats and would not pay.In vindiction’s rage hissed she their doom,Cast them alive within their tombs.And Krakatoa and Mycenae,They would not yield, she laid them waste.An extortioness, royal supreme,To conquer or destroy, her consummate dream.How this evil one sets her pace, Rings sweet earth in her death’s nec-lace.Far from below she blasts her smoke,To cover their eyes until they choke.At her command cities fall and swell,Earthquake, tidal wave, gives masses to hell.This spirit from the blackest pit,Broods deep on those she kiss.She comes to seek those to enslave,To fuel her bowels, her booty in trade.The pride and ruination of nations and men,Seeks souls and bodies to ambition her ends.Now this licking creature of red-hot glow,Sends her heat to make fumerals.Damns the many and damns the one,As empires burn when her rage is done. A vengeful spirit, Draconis is,Smiles so pleasant as victims drop in.Opens her shotted eyes in mirth,To hear the screams of their heated death lurch.This diabolic holds much potent sway,Seeks for victims as ground gives way.She holds the riddle to the land,And holds it she must for her time is at hand.Had learned she now that Kari had come,That timeless conflict again begun.“Never did I see one I could not coerce,But now a convolcation of power, a tour de force.”Suppressed regret ruminated throughout,Yet shreds of fear left no doubt.“I will finish what was started here in mmy land, Beyond records treatise once we did stand.Past all memories, hmm, even so,Before myth began and Rome’s trumpets blowed.I will shatter her like earthenware because I mmust,She tasks mme this creature, mmy hate it is just. Wounded mme she did, her preysence calls,If nothing else, ha I will hurt her if I faullt.”On Vulcania Draconis, Kari’s Diabolical EnemyCold Steel Eternity Vol. ii” ― Douglas Laurent


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