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Martial Arts | Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Some people learn martial arts for sport and exercise. However, how do people often protect themselves, their families, and property using martial arts such as karate and judo? “be fighting mad” = be very angry”My wife was fighting mad when she found out that I went to Las Vegas without her.” “pick a fight” = start a fight or an argument with someone”Don’t pick a fight with Michael today. He is in a very bad mood.”A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions. The man wants the woman’s ____. credit cards phone number computer Man: I don’t care. Give it to me! And your phone and credit cards. The man is trying to rob the woman _____. outside a karate club next to a clothing store in front of a bank Woman: Okay. Listen. Obviously, you haven’t thought this through. I mean, who’s going to rob someone as they walk out of a karate studio? Really? The man isn’t afraid of the woman because ____. he learned to fight online she is very small he is carrying a weapon Man: Right. You don’t fool me. Anyone can get a black belt online in 10 minutes. And I have a knife. The woman suggests that the man call ____. some of his strong friends for medical attention the karate studio for advice Woman: You’d better call 911 first. the woman had to cancel her credit cards the man didn’t have luck robbing the woman the man and woman became good friends [You hear punches and kicks and yells and screams . . . ] Man: Ahh, oh, man. Ooohhhh. That hurts. Woman: Yeah. Listen. Here’s your two dollars. You’ll need them to cover your medical bills. Private: Martial Arts Great. Private: Martial Arts Okay. Private: Martial Arts Try again. In this conversation, the woman learned a form of martial arts to protect herself. How do you feel about the forms of protection below? Which of these do you or would you use personally in your daily life? Which are legal forms of protection in your city or country? a gun a spray such as mace a knife a dog a whistle or loud horn a big boyfriend


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