Hello to the users of r/martialarts.So long story short, I live in a bad neighborhood, a lot of violence, drugs, gangs etc. The only martial art classes available around here are taekwondo, and it’s more of a sports oriented thing than self defense. I’m a pretty athletic guy, and from a handful of fights I’ve been in, I’d always come out on top, but sooner or later a bigger fish will come and my basic fighting skills won’t be enough to compensate.I don’t have a martial art background, been in a handful of fights, can throw a pretty good punch, know some basic fighting things, like leverage, using the opponent’s momentum, keeping my chin tucked in and my hands always near my face etc.So anyways, other than looking through youtube, I’m interested in reading a good book or a manual on fighting. Nothing fancy, just some useful moves I can use in self defense.So far I’ve came to deciding between “Tao Of Jeet Kune Do” and the “US Army Hand To Hand Field Manual” (Aka FM 21-150).I’m worried if I don’t have a martial art background I won’t understand/be able to perform correctly some concepts in Bruce Lee’s book. The FM 21-150 is designed as far as I know for quick self defense moves to end a fight as quickly as possible, and is intended to be as effective and simple as possible.Any thoughts on which book/manual should I study?


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