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MMA in Tacoma at T-Town MMA

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts in Tacoma   Our MMA or Mixed Martial Arts program is the class where you will put all of your training together.  Our MMA program is true to it’s name as it is a true “Mixed Martial Arts” program.  What we mean by that is we mix all of the classes taught here into one class and develop you whether you are here for recreation, to compete, or both.   At T-Town MMA, we designed our MMA program to display the many benefits that MMA training has to offer both inside and outside of our school.  



The idea behind T-Town MMA is when you start in the full MMA program you take both the Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and then come to he MMA class and learn to put it all together.  What you will actually be taught in the MMA program as far as new techniques is mostly No-Gi Submission Grappling which is paramount to the MMA game.  In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you learn how to “roll”, in Boxing you learn to strike, in MMA you put it all together and train as one.  We add other elements in this class pivotal to MMA such as kicking, the clinch, take-downs (etc.)  and we give you the guidance to string it all together.  We have found that this is the best way to learn MMA as each element gets their own attention, and you benefit by the focused and complete training.




Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing both have their individual assets when it comes to exercise, and when they are combined into MMA you receive the ultimate workout.   MMA will give you a workout that features: aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, core development, calorie burning, fat burning,  toning, muscular development, speed, strength, power, coordination, reflexes, balance and endurance.  Our instructors keep you motivated, and we use our class time wisely to ensure that you can retain your training and you get an excellent workout.




MMA training has more benefits then just the physical changes you will notice.  The confidence you will gain from regular MMA training can help you at work, in your relationship, social situations, and wherever else you can use a boost of confidence!  The discipline MMA training has to offer will help you in the rest of your life.  Regular training helps you to relieve stress, stay focused, keep you on task and give you the resolve to eating well and changing your life.  Plus when you train as a class you see firsthand that there are others out there trying to achieve the same goals as you, and that alone gives you the extra motivation and confidence to finish your goals.




At T-Town MMA we will compete in any of our programs as long as we have competitors who choose to do it.  We never force competition on anybody, we feel that you are here to train for a reason and we are going to always respect your reason.  We want to help change your life, that is our ultimate goal.  If you wish to compete, we certainly will accommodate , train and coach you.  We have a good reputation in the combat sports community, and are a well respected school.  If you are interested in becoming an MMA competitor just let us know and we can get you started in the right direction to get you there.  When we determine that you are ready to compete we will take you in that direction, it’s that simple.




This is our most frequently asked question, and we would like to answer it for you.  The length of time that it will take you to learn MMA to begin competing ALWAYS DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH YOU TRAIN.  That is the number one factor for determining if you are ready to compete in MMA.  If you only attended 5-6 classes a month you would not learn enough to manage your way through an MMA match, especially if your opponent trains regularly.  We feel this is unfair to you.  At T-Town MMA we never put you in a situation that we do not think you can handle.  We compete in all of our programs separately, and we compete in MMA matches as well.   If you train regularly, take it seriously, and competing is your goal then your timetable normally speeds up.   Competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling tournaments as well as Boxing matches definitely helps your development for MMA because it gives you necessary competition experience.  What sets our MMA school apart from the others is our ability to compete in a wider range of combat sports, giving you the experience which is a much needed advantage in an MMA match.



  • Mouthguard (required for class participation)
  • 7 oz Leather MMA Gloves
  • Shin Guards
  • Boxing / MMA Headgear (required for sparring)
  • Wrestling Knee Pads
  • Men – Athletic Cup
  • Women – Sports Bra


    MMA in Tacoma     At T-Town MMA our MMA program is our most popular choice of programs because it gives you access to all of our programs for the lowest price.  We offer Law Enforcement, Fire, and Military discounts making this program the most cost effective strategy for helping you change your life.  It is open to all students ages 18 and above.  


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