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New group training facility set to open in Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) — A new fitness facility is opening in Clovis. Blueprint Fitness + Boxing has three locations in the South Valley, and is now expanding to help more people enjoy exercising.

Box, HIIT, lift — repeat! It’s one of the newest ways to burn calories in Clovis.

“We wanted to create an environment that was a lot more fun, something that made the time pass quickly,” explained Founding Coach Joey Avila. “But you’re also going to get your cardio and weight training in every single session.”

Blueprint combines boxing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and lifting into a 50-minute workout.

It’s not hard to put on your game face in the “Blue Room” — the lights are dimmed and the music is bumping.

“It’s exciting. It’s fun,” said Thomas Brown, manager of Blueprint Clovis. “Our coaches do a good job. Our staff does a good job. You quickly find that, you build friendships.”

Blueprint prides itself in bringing a sense of community to clients, inside and outside the facility.

“I always tell all the coaches, ‘Let’s be good people before anything else.’ So we focus on really helping you outside of the studio,” said Avila.

This means having access to coaches at the tip of your fingers.

“You can message them on our, what’s called our “Blueprint accountability” app, you’ll get a nutrition program,” Avila said. “Even if you’re going on vacation, they can give you some workouts to do on vacation.”

The gym’s owners and staff are excited to open in Clovis. Some are from the area or attended Fresno State, so choosing a new gym location wasn’t hard.

“We just wanted to kind of give back, and we like the environment here,” Brown said.

Blueprint is now accepting new members. The first one hundred get a special membership price.

The facility, near Shaw and Armstrong avenues, will open November 28, with a grand opening celebration scheduled for January.

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