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Prince William Makes Solo Visit to Royal Air Force Station to Open a Boxing Club

Prince William took a solo trip to Lincolnshire, England on Friday morning visit the Royal Air Force Coningsby military base where he met with service personnel, learned about some of the latest technology used by the military, and opened a boxing club.

The Prince of Wales, who used to fly for the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Force and now serves as Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Coningsby, began his visit with a tour of the base and a stop by the air traffic control center. Once there, he learned about “Project Marshall,” a multi-billion dollar equipment upgrade for all traffic control radars throughout Lincolnshire. He also spoke with various staff and examined the center’s new radar displays and control systems which promise increased efficiency.

William then went on to take a look at the BAE Systems Typhoon maintenance facility where Typhoon jets receive long-term care and repairs in order to make sure they’re ready to fly to the front lines at a moment’s notice. The prince also spoke with BAE Systems apprentice Charlotte Wilson and Typhoon delivery director Martin Topping about everything it takes to keep these powerful pieces of machinery in tip-top shape. They also discussed some of the technological advancements that the RAF and BAE Systems are starting to look into for future use, including exoskeletons, VR headsets, and more.

During the trip, the royal also had the honor of opening a new boxing club on the base where service personnel will be able to workout and train. The idea for the club came about after boxing became enormously popular amongst those working on the base during the pandemic. William, who has spoken numerous times about the power of sports to improve mental health, met with a few of the other RAF Coningsby athletic groups, as well. And he concluded his visit to Lincolnshire with a walkabout, during which he met and chatted with a number of RAF families living in the nearby area.

Prince William trained as a pilot at RAF Cranwell before learning to fly helicopters and going on to serve on the RAF Search and Rescue Force in Wales. He rose to the rank of Flight Lieutenant before leaving the military in September 2013, shortly before the birth of his first child, Prince George. And in 2008, his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth bestowed him with the title of Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Coningsby.

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