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Raynham MMA, BJJ, & Kickboxing

My six year old loves training at Lauzon MMA. Matt, Greg, Pat, and all of the other coaches are excellent with the kids. He is learning about fitness, developing his balance, agility, and flexibility, and having an all-around great time.

Dan Gouthro

I’ve been going for 2 weeks and it has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. The environment is very friendly and welcoming. Joe is an amazing teacher and even the more seasoned students are there to help you along the way. If you’re thinking about joining just do it!

Erich Paquette

Lauzon’s is an awesome gym. As a woman coming into BJJ brand new, I was pretty nervous. But all the guys here are really cool and understanding, and full of helpful tips. Being a girl has never felt like a factor, just being new and learning. Once you become a regular you fall into a nice flow. You never have to worry about asking questions. 110% recommend to anyone, from future fighters to women looking to stay fit.

Harley Rebecca

Trained there with my kids. All the instructors are top notch and the environment is very conducive to learning and positive instruction. Highly recommend!

Jeff Jones

Best gym around!!! Striking and grappling at the highest level. All trainers will take all the time necessary for beginners to progress along side with some of the best fighters in the world on the matts.

Josh Shackleton

Lauzon’s MMA is an incredible gym with spectacular instructors that are able to cater to all skill levels. They offer kids classes and women’s only classes in addition to their regular classes, and I’ve found that everyone in the gym is very welcoming no matter which class you try. I must admit I’m addicted to the place now because the workouts leave me feeling so energized. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I saw significant changes in my body after only a few weeks and now a year later I’m stronger and happier then ever. If you’re wondering if this is the gym for you, my advice would be to give it a try. I guarantee you will be happy you did.

Kelly Gerstner Lamb

It’s a real family vibe when you walk in. Training is top notch. Facilities are great.Joe and all the coaches really do it right and take time with each student. Recommend to anyone looking to train!

Nick Hailer

Top notch! definitely worth checking it out. Thanks, everybody for making it super easy to join the group.

Paul DeBairos

Wonderful facilities, great instructors for both adults and kids!

Roxanne Modafferi

this gym is a great place from kids to adults, from the average person looking to get fit to the person with the drive to fight. All the instructors are well skilled in the areas they teach and the people make you feel welcome. My son has trianed here since he was 5 and is 10 now.

Sean Furze

New to BJJ class felt like I was part of the group right away. Great group. I drive up from RI. Thanks Joe and Andy!

Shawn Sprague

Such a great gym. Joe Lauzon is the head jiu jitsu instructor and does a fantastic job. Very welcoming to new students, excellent job breaking down techniques, and overall just a super positive guy. Was an absolute pleasure training with him. Jimmy, the kickboxing instructor, is really nice too, and although I never took his classes, everyone raves about them.

Tayloe Kelly


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