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Hello and welcome to Ryukyu Academy where everyone is a karate star!

We at Ryukyu Academy invite you to join us in the wonderful world of martial arts! We are a family friendly martial arts school that teaches ages 2 to adult. Doing the ancient Okinawan art of Ryukyu Kempo, Ryukyu Academy strives to build values in our youth and teach effective and efficient self-defense to all. The Ryukyu Kempo system comes from none other than Grandmaster George Dillman himself! Grandmaster Dillman once being called the winningest competitor karate has ever seen. Our academy is located in the greater Detroit, Michigan area. We utilize pressure points and grappling from the Dillman Theory for safe and effective self-defense. It’s a great place to train for young or old, to get in shape, or learn self-defense. Ryukyu Academy has the experience and the instructors to make martial arts a lifelong study.

We have found the perfect blend of self-defense for real life situations and positive development for real life people!

Looking for instruction in kata? See our kata page for videos on the kata we do. There are also kata pages, for picture references in the dojo.

Wondering what else is new? Come check out our calendar for all the up and coming news!


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