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Seven Swords Academy

School of Historical European Martial Arts and Swordsmanship.

Learn to fight with: Longsword, Sword & Buckler, Dussack, Messer, Spear, Staff,
Grappling and Dagger, Single-stick, and Sabre.

We use a single system derived from medieval historical manuals to teach the fundamentals, principles, art and science of HEMA. Learning is derived as a 3 leg (Tripod) of:

1. Study & Research
2. Practice
2. Application.

Though this is a re-creation of an ancient, Medieval self-defense martial system, the skills acquired are transferable to modern every0day self-defense and adapt easily to any weapon type, including hand-to-hand/dagger, armored fighting
and horsemanship.

This is not a LARP, SCA or Boffing school, but skills learned here will transfer to those pursuits.

The Seven Swords Academy holds mostly evening classes, Monday through Thursday (see schedule for times), and on Saturday mornings from 10:00AM-Noon. We are currently closed Friday and Sunday.

Please feel free to inquire via email, phone or drop in and check us out in person. The first class is always free, and no obligation. Just show up in comfortable athletic wear. Mat-shoes, such as karate shoes, wrestling shoes, driving shoes, etc., are preferred footwear.


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