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Strength is one of the main stats in the game. It determines the player’s punch damage and Strength based powers‘ damage. The average increment per minute when training Strength is 55 ticks.

Strength gain = Training Zone multiplier x Player’s Strength multiplier

Strength Training Areas

Area Name Required Strength Multiplier Image
Dummies 100 x5 Dummies.png
Gym 10k (104) x15 Gym.PNG
Beach 100k (105) x50 Beach.PNG
Meteor 1M (106) x100 Meteor.png
Lookout Island 10M (107) x500 LookoutIsland.png
Arena 100M (108) x1,000 CellArena.png
Excalibur 1B (109) x5,000 Excalibur.png
Monster 100B (1011) x10,000 Monster.png
Road Roller 1T (1012) x20,000 RoadRoller.png
Ichigo’s Inner World 100T (1014) x50,000 InnerWorld.png
Unbreakable Boulder 1Qd (1015) x100,000 UnbreakableBoulder.png
Executor 100Qd (1017) x750,000 Executor.png
Grimoire Tower 1Qn (1018) x4,000,000 GrimoireTower.png
Boros Battleship 100Qn (1020) x40,000,000 BorosBattleship.png
Demon Skull 1Sx (1021) x200,000,000 DemonSkull.png
Heaven’s Arena 100Sx (1023) x600,000,000 Heaven's Arena.png
Infinity Castle 1Sp (1024) x1,800,000,000 InfinityCastle.png
Boar Hat 100Sp (1026) x5,400,000,000 BoarHat.png
UA Training Gym 1Oc (1027) x16,200,000,000 UAGym.png
Fairy Tail Guild Hall 100Oc (1029) x81,000,000,000 100OcStrength.png
God’s Blade 1N (1030) x162,000,000,000 1000OcStrength.png
Shogun Palace 100N (1032) x486,000,000,000 ShogunPalace.png
Charybdis 1de (1033) x1,458,000,000,000 Charybdis(1).png
Poneglyph 100de (1035) x5,832,000,000,000 Poneglyph.png


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