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Taekwondo | Usmatc House Of Payne

Shichidan in Judo (7th Dan)

Program Director – Judo

Sensei Jan Bonner began her involvement in Judo over 40 years ago with Herb Bellamy, Head Coach of the Lackland AFB Judo Club. Coach Bonner is a lifetime member of both United States Judo Association and the United States Martial Arts Association formerly under the direction of Phillip S. Porter, 10th Dan. Coach Bonner received her instructor certification at the National Judo Institute (NJI), in Colorado Springs, CO.

Coach Bonner was responsible for the resurgence of Judo in San Antonio. After many years of there being no clubs available in San Antonio, Coach Bonner started a grassroots program at Lackland AFB. Not only was she the first female to open a Judo Club in San Antonio, she was the first female to host a Judo Tournament in Texas.


Having been a competitor, coach and referee, Coach Bonner’s experience and passion for Judo bring invaluable knowledge and mentor-ship to the program. Her approach to teaching and methodology enables everyone to enjoy the far reaching benefits of Judo without regard to one’s athletic abilities.

Coach Bonner developed our Instructor Certification Program and implemented the Leadership Development within our training center that we use today. Our S.T.A.T. (Safety Through Awareness Training) Program was developed in collaboration with Master Payne.


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