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THE ARENA | San Diego’s Martial Arts School & Combat Sports Gym

We have a variety of membership programs, but our most popular is $99 monthly. This includes full instruction from our world class Coaches, and incredible training with outstanding partners and teammates. All of our memberships includes access to every one of the classes we offer, as well as use of all of our Martial Arts and Combat Sports facilities. This includes our specialized 10,000 square foot Strength & Conditioning facility (part of our overall 27,000 sf facility), featuring top training equipment along with beautiful showers and locker areas. 

This allows you to give up your other gym memberships as we have everything you need all in one place, saving you money and time. We strongly believe we offer the best deal anywhere in the U.S. for the amount of classes, quality of training, and incredible facility we provide. Just one of our programs on its own in another high-quality gym would easily be $150 monthly and up. Check out the prices for a good Jiu Jitsu or Crossfit gym and see for yourself. 

Please Note: We do not go over memberships via phone or email. Instead, please visit the gym in person to make sure we’re a good fit and vice-versa. Also, we do not offer any further discounts. We’re already priced as low as we can possibly be for what we offer and we haven’t raised our prices since 2013, despite inflation. 

The reason we’re priced so low in the first place is because the majority of our members are in the military and we try our best to make it affordable for them. The civilians here get to benefit from that, becuase we don’t believe in treating people differently by charging some more than others. Instead, everyone here becomes part of our brotherhood, where you will make friends for life.  And again, for the amount and quality of classes we offer, all taught in one of the largest and nicest facilities found anywhere in the world, our prices are an incredible deal.


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