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Trent Alexander-Arnold And Average Man Attempt To Recreate THAT Corner Kick Against Barcelona

Trent Alexander-Arnold attempted to recreate his iconic corner kick against Barcelona with an average man and it didn’t go quite as well as it did the first time.

Divock Origi reacted quicker than anyone else and put away his second of the night and Liverpool’s fourth to send Jurgen Klopp’s side to the Champions League final in another memorable European night at Anfield.

“Corner taken quickly…” will be talked about forever and two years on from the stellar moment, SPORTbible wanted to see if Alexander-Arnold could replicate his exploits.

This time, however, his target in the box was a 26-year-old bloke called Jeremy who had been released by Arsenal at the age of 14.

Alexander-Arnold sent in a slew of outrageous crosses that required a first-time finish into the far top corner just like Origi’s.

But Jeremy clearly showed he is not a professional footballer. He did provide some nice finishes but could only find the near post and ultimately, after 30 unsuccessful attempts, it was time to give up.

Alexander-Arnold’s incredible vision was on display again – with the 22-year-old having worked with Red Bull and world-renowned ophthalmologist Dr Daniel Laby to enhance that trait.

Image: RedBullImage: RedBull

Earlier this year, Dr Laby put Trent through a series of tests – assessing areas such as depth perception, basic visual function, hand-eye co-ordination, reaction time and target tracking.

Following initial testing, the Liverpool academy product then underwent a bespoke six-week training programme devised by Dr Laby which included AVTS Vision Tests, work with a neurotrainer and even juggling.

Image: RedBullImage: RedBull

These results were captured on camera and will be shown in a full-lengthy documentary which will be released on 4 June.

The improvements in his eyesight have been nothing short of incredible:

  • He now has sharper vision (up by 44%)
  • Has increased his visual concentration and multiple-object tracking ability (up by 241%)
  • Has quicker reaction and processing time (36% increase)
  • It was also found that as a direct result of the training, Trent’s vision is now as good as humanly possible – 20:10 vision

Reflecting, Alexander-Arnold said: “I’m always looking for new ways to train and improve my game, so when Red Bull came to me with this opportunity I said yes immediately. Marginal gains are huge in any sport, especially football, and when you’re competing against the world’s best players, even a one percent improvement can make a huge difference.

“In football, it’s so important to be two steps ahead of your competition, and the training that I’ve been doing has made me value that even more.

“Working with Red Bull on this experiment has shown me that vision is such an important part of the game, and that your eyes can be trained and improved on as much as anything else.

“I’m really grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from the best in Dr Laby, and I’ve promised him I’m definitely going to keep up the training!”


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