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Which Martial Art Is Right For You? Ten Types Ranked For You.

58 Comments There are many styles and disciplines to choose from. No one martial art is better than another, the only right martial art is the one you’ll be happy continuing. Take this test to determine your mental and physical attributes to be paired up with one of ten specific styles listed. Of course there are more than this, but this list is comprised of “some” mainstream disciplines that have very different histories, philosophies and characteristics.
There are 26 multiple choice questions that should be answered with honesty to best suit you to your match. Some questions may have several answers that you agree with, or non that you agree with, but you should try to answer the best possible one. At the end of the test your result will appear with a brief description of the art. Please enjoy and comment afterwards. I WILL RESPOND TO ALL COMMENTS regarding the test.

Created by: S.A. McComas


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